How I handled Finnick’s death

I was reading Mockingjay in class and I started crying because FINNICK IS DEAD!!! and everyone was huddling around asking me why Im crying and I said FINNICK MUTHA FRICKING ODAIR IS DEEEEAAAAAAAADDDD!!!! and they’re all like “Dude, its just a stupid book. Get a hold of yourself” and Im like “YOU DON’T FUCKING UNDERSTAND!!!!” and he’s like, I’m a fan of Hunger Games too and Im like, have you read the book?, and he’s like No, but I watched the movie, and Im like DONT CALLED YOURSELF A FAN YOU IGNORANT LITTLE TWAT I BET YOU DIDNT EVEN CRY WHEN RUE DIED YOU ARE HEARTLESS I TELL YOU YOU NEED GOD!!!!!!!!!

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